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7 Things to Do in Your First Week in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and prominent residential areas in all of New York. This high-end neighborhood vividly represents sophisticated living and is one of Brooklyn's crown jewels. Settling in Brooklyn Heights is a dream come true, and today, this dream is possible due to the wonderful options of the Brooklyn Heights real estate market.
If you have settled in Brooklyn Heights and are a bit lost in this new environment without knowing where to start, don't worry; we have listed seven things to do in your first week in Brooklyn Heights. Use this article as a roadmap and have a blast during your first week in this wonderful neighborhood!

Take a music tour at Bargemusic

Music is food for the soul, and in Brooklyn Heights, this motto makes a lot of sense. If you are an enthusiast of artistic expressions, especially music, you will love Bargemusic concerts. This barge at Fulton Ferry Landing hosts some of the best chamber music shows and serves as a meeting point for New York City's arts community. The intimate atmosphere and vintage setting enhance the show's bohemian vibe, providing a unique and unparalleled experience to enjoy the best New York City’s cultural life offers.

Visit the Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Heights is not only known for its high-end properties for sale but also for its rich, storied past. The neighborhood is home to several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the land on which Brooklyn Heights stands is steeped in history. Everywhere you look, there is an interesting anecdote to discover, and the Brooklyn Historical Society is the place to learn more about Brooklyn's history. Located at 128 Pierrepont St, the Brooklyn Historical Society hosts art exhibits, cultural events, and community philanthropic gatherings. Furthermore, the structural design of the building is a love letter to classic American architecture.

Have a drink at Montero's

Photo courtesy of brooklynpaper.com
An excellent option to warm up and adapt to the local culture of Brooklyn Heights is to go to one of its most iconic places, Montero's. Located in the southeast of Atlantic Avenue, Montero's is one of the first places that opened in Brooklyn. In 1939, this bar opened its doors to welcome the thousands of residents who wanted to have a drink and enjoy a good time. Over time, Montero's has been evolving and adapting to new trends while maintaining its vintage essence. Today it is the ideal option for everyone looking to live a one-of-a-kind experience in the purest Brooklyn style.

Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

When we talk about iconic places in Brooklyn Heights, we cannot ignore the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the most peaceful and visually attractive spots in the entire area. Although most of the day it is a busy place full of people going from one place to another, during the mornings, it becomes the perfect place to drink a coffee and sit and admire the landscape. Also, during sunsets, the Brooklyn Bridge and its surroundings become the meeting point for photography enthusiasts who come to capture the picturesque sunset views.

Lunch at Colonie

Photo courtesy of colonienyc.com

If something stands out in Brooklyn Heights, it is its wide variety of gastronomic options to please even the most sophisticated palates. If you're having a hard time deciding where to eat, let us help you with a world-class recommendation. Colonie at 127 Atlantic Avenue is an ideal choice to experience Brooklyn's finest. This restaurant offers a menu full of healthy and flavorful options and haute cuisine dishes prepared with the freshest, locally grown, non-GMO ingredients. In addition, Colonie offers an exquisite selection of local wines, craft beer, and signature cocktails. A culinary destination that you do not want to miss.

Watch the sunset on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights has some of the most spectacular views in all of New York City. You only need to walk downtown to see some buildings of impressive architectural beauty, historical places, photo spots, and hundreds of other exciting things. However, there is no place with more privileged views than Brooklyn Heights Promenade. If you are looking for a perfect setting to admire the sublime and one-of-a-kind beauty of New York City, this is the place.
The Promenade transforms into a magical place at sunset where hundreds of people gather to admire the setting sun and take some award-winning photos. If you are a fan of quiet places and want to experience for yourself the relaxing and almost mystical vibe of one of the most iconic spots in New York City, visit Brooklyn Heights Promenade and let yourself be captivated by the picturesque views that you will only find here.

Walk on the sand at Pier 4 Beach

One of the best things to do if you're living in Brooklyn Heights is to take a relaxing stroll along the beach and walk barefoot on the sand at Pier 4 Beach. You can also appreciate the native species that inhabit this ecosystem and even launch in non-motorized boats. Friendly reminder, swimming is not allowed in the vicinity of Pier 4 Beach. However, it is still an ideal destination to take a walk and clear your mind while letting the sand soften your steps and it is a perfect place for a quick getaway.
There you have it, seven fantastic things to do in Brooklyn Heights in your first week. Best of all, this neighborhood is full of hundreds of other activities to have a great time. Dare to explore every corner of Brooklyn Heights and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the surroundings of one of New York City's crown jewels.
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