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Making a Lasting Impression with 9 Home Staging Tips

Are you planning to sell your Brooklyn Heights home? Since the primary goal is to get the best deal, it's imperative to show your home in the finest light possible. That's where staging comes in. Home staging is one of the most cost-effective projects you will ever handle. According to the National Association of Realtors report, it can increase the value of your home by an impressive 15%.

Let's take a closer look at effective home staging options that can help you get the top price for your Brooklyn Heights property.

Declutter wisely

Decluttering for home staging purposes doesn't just involve tidying up and getting rid of unnecessary stuff that has been lying around for ages. The goal is to remove anything that makes the home personally yours.

The potential buyer must be able to picture themselves living in this house. The little things that seem to be an integral part of your home's décor could make them feel as if they are intruding.

  • Remove as much from the surfaces as possible (especially in the kitchen).
  • Hide paperwork, children's art projects, piles of books, and magazines.
  • Put shoes, clothes, pet beds, and children's toys away.
Photos, mementos, keepsakes, children's drawings, and your dog's bowl need to go. When the buyer arrives at the house, it should look ready to become their property. You may need to arrange temporary storage to keep all the extra belongings during open houses.

Thorough decluttering helps the potential buyer see the unlimited decorating and remodeling possibilities that your Brooklyn Heights luxury condo or home brings.

Clean thoroughly

A clean home is a key to selling success. If you still live in the home you’re selling, cleaning before every open house can be taxing. However, without this, you could be turning potential buyers away.

Even something seemingly minor as pet hair on the hall rug could ruin the first impression of your home. Cleaning for staging purposes is different from regular house cleaning.

  • Wash the windows (even if you've washed your windows a couple of months before, do it again)
  • Clean the floor (besides vacuuming, mop your floors and polish them)
  • Clean and polish all kitchen appliances
  • Make the bathroom sparkle
It's imperative to pay special attention to the way your home smells. Odors that you may not notice could ruin your upcoming deal. For example, pet owners often don't realize that their home smells differently. Meanwhile, some buyers can notice a foul pet odor a mile away.

Take the time to get rid of all unpleasant odors in your home. Don't try to mask them with air fresheners or fragrance sticks.

Enhance curb appeal

It takes 27 seconds for a person to form an opinion, which is the amount of time a buyer is likely to spend outside your home. That's why you need to make sure it makes a great first impression!

While many properties in New York City don’t have yards, there are still ways to enhance your curb appeal for Brooklyn Heights homes for sale. Consider the following:

  • Declutter the decorations
  • Remove weeds along the sidewalk and walkways
  • Plant a few beautiful and resilient plants/add hanging plants if you have a porch
  • Clean and repair any structures leading up to the front door
Another important element to consider is the front door. Dirt, nicks, scrapes, and scratches look disappointing and set the wrong mood for the house tour. Repair and paint the front door or cover the problematic areas with welcoming signs, bouquets, or relevant door decoration.

Introduce neutral colors

Since wall color is a matter of taste, your preferences may not match the buyers. That's why if you have specific wallpaper or paint on your walls, it makes sense to replace it.  The best neutral colors for your home's walls are:

  • Cream
  • Light gray
  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Light blue
Remember, if you have dedicated rooms for children with fun wall colors, you need to repaint them as well. The new buyer may not have young kids. They could plan to use the room for other purposes.

Even if your wall colors are already neutral, consider putting a fresh coat of paint over them anyway. Freshly painted walls make a much better impression than old wallpaper or paint with signs of wear and tear.

Don't forget about the floors. Old, worn floors make a bad impression but cost too much to replace. Painting them can be a great way out. If you have an old carpet, it's imperative to get a professional cleaning. It could save the day. If not, you may want to consider a replacement.

Focus on the kitchen

In most cases, the kitchen is the biggest selling point of the house. It can make or break the sale. Outdated and unappealing kitchens make bad impressions and drive buyers away. That's why staging them is always worth your time and money.

The kitchen is often the deciding factor for many buyers. If they choose between two options, they will likely settle for a house with a nicer kitchen. The goal of staging is to make your kitchen the winner.

  • Paint the cabinets if needed
  • Clear off the countertops
  • Install new door knobs
  • Add daylight-style bulbs
  • Put away all appliances (if you need to leave one or two out, make sure they sparkle)
Old furniture looks unappealing in a new (or staged) kitchen. If you have old chairs, consider replacing them. A beautiful tablecloth can mask an old table. Set a potted plant and a bowl of lemons on the countertop to give the kitchen a comfy feel.

If you have curtains or shades on kitchen windows, remove them. The key to an appealing kitchen is natural light.

Rethink the bedrooms

If you are a fan of colorful sheets and bright pillows, it's time to tone them down. Your bedroom should look more like a clean hotel room than a place where you just slept.

The goal is to help the buyer envision themselves sleeping in the room. If the bedroom has elements of someone else's presence, a person is unlikely to achieve the desired visualization.

Here is what can turn your bedroom into a hotel room:

  • White sheets and pillowcases
  • Neutral blanket colors
  • Decorative pillows
Make sure to remove all the personal items, such as toiletries, photos, and mobile phone chargers. If the place looks too empty, add flowers, candles, and coffee table books.

Look inside

Buyers often decide to look inside your closet or open kitchen cabinets. If they find them cluttered and untidy, it could ruin the overall impression. Consider tidying up your belongings inside closets, arranging items in kitchen cabinets, and emptying out some of the drawers. It is important to prevent the buyer from feeling like there isn’t enough space for their belongings.

Overall, when it comes to anything personal, try to remove it from sight or make it look as tidy and arranged as possible.

Repair obvious problems

Leaky faucets, clogged gutters, and cracks in the home's exterior can reduce the value of your home. Inspect your house and fix all the minor problems that you never had time to address before.

Pay special attention to any pests that you may have in your home, yard or terrace. All your home staging efforts disappear in vain when a buyer encounters an insect inside the house. Consider ordering a pest control inspection before selling a home. Besides getting rid of any unwanted guests, a professional inspection can discover such unpleasant problems as termites.

According to NY law, you have to warn the buyer about insect damage and any latent damage. If you fail to do so, you could face penalties.

Rework room layouts

You want all rooms in your house to look large and bright. To do that, you may need to change the layouts and even get rid of some furniture. Don't hesitate to make changes. The more space you can create, the more room for imagination you are giving the potential buyers.

When looking at your rooms, don't think about their efficiency and comfort. Consider their appeal. Improving this appeal could involve replacing your favorite bookshelf with a glass coffee table or removing paintings and photos from the walls.

If you aren't sure how to achieve the appeal, you may want to consider hiring an interior designer or a staging professional.

Stage your home to boost its value

Staging a house is the simplest way to increase its value without making significant investments. Knowing how to approach the staging process is the key to saving time and money for both the seller and the buyer.

Experienced Brooklyn Heights real estate professionals from Team Wilding Woods can help you stage your house to increase its value and speed up the sale. Contact us for a consultation at any convenient time. Ask about Compass Concierge - the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with services like staging, flooring, painting, and more.

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